Do you need a cleaner for your android? Are you for a one? I think I can help you with choosing a cleaner.  In my android I am using clean master apk as the cleaner and I find it quite beneficial not only in cleaning the android, but also with different other services that definitely want for a proper functioning of the android.

I found this clean master apk is favorable as a cleaning apk, apk that boost my android and also an apk that secure my privacy.

If I talk about the cleaning service of the clean master apk, the apk scans my android just within one or two seconds and give me a list of apps that contains files that should be removed from the android. Normally these files are junk files. Junk files means the useless files that are stored hidden in the android including cache junks, cookies, and residual junks. Sometimes there are some audio files, video files that are used rarely by us and some photos which are with low quality are found as the files that should be removed from the android by this clean master apk. But it gives complete authority for you to select the files which you need to remove from the android. You have to be very keen when you are selecting the files. Because if you accidentally choose and delete some files which is important to you, the clean master apk does not provide you with the opportunity of recovering the deleted file.

If I move in to the boosting service provided by clean master apk, the apk will hibernate all the power consuming background running apps and lead it to save battery and also to boost the device as there are no unnecessary processes running. When the temperature of the CPU increases the apk detects that issue and take necessary actions to cool down the CPU. This cool down lead to proper functioning of the device and also the longer battery life.

The security feature of the apk helps to secure my privacy by deleting call and the surf history and protect me from unsafe networks too.


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