The main purpose of the app Cloner apk is the creating or the installation of the many copies of the android apps.

The apk cloner can be known as a multi-account app. The App Cloner apk can create true and independent clones. Most of the people are concerned about the way that they can install the above app into their devices. So app cleaner can be taken from the Google Play Store. If you use any other external link to get that, make sure you have enabled the unknown sources. If you have missed that the whole download process is braked down.

Now you have an idea about the app cloner. Then we will see some more basic details about the app cloner. Those are the basic details that a user has to be aware of before using any app. Then we will identify the significant features of the app.

Features of the App Cloner apk

  • All cloned apps are working independently. But those are running parallel to its own original apps.
  • The app cloner won’t receive any updates automatically.
  • The app cloner is useful with the apps with multiple logins like the social media apps
  • By here you could change the name of the app as well as the icon of the app too.
  • If you like you can install the cloned apps for the SD card, if you won’t like you can remove the permissions for it
  • Also you can disable the auto-starting features of the app.
  • If you want to view the app in a floating window. You can convert it too.
  • You also can enable the password protection to the app
  • You can access the consumption of the data through the WiFi only
  • You can use many Customise features up to 200

Those are the main features that are containing in the above app cloner. Then we will see what are the features that can be seen while you are working on the premium version of the app.

Features of the premium version of the app cloner

  • Messenger and Gmail etc are the premium clone apps
  • You could use batch cloning by using the premium version
  • You could backup or saved those cloned apps
  • You could replace the icons too
  • You can’t access the call logs and contacts
  • There is the incognito node presence
  • You could change the advertising ID of Google
  • Hide of the details of the WiFi
  • The time zone is fake
  • The sharing options are disabled
  • Disabled the accessibility services of the app
  • You can change the colors of the display and the toolbar
  • Can enable the dark modes of the app
  • You could change the rotation lock
  • The app is supportive of the viewing images by zoom
  • The blur views of images.
  • The app is allowed to taking screenshots
  • I can skip the dialogues.
  • The filtration of the colors.
  • Can adjust the volume
  • You can delete the unwanted files in there
  • You could disable the auto-starting features
  • All apps can’t be cloned.

Those are the all details that you want to know about the app cloner. I would guess by knowing about all things working with the app is really easy. Note down all apps that can’t be cloned. You can download original App Cloner apk from AC Market for free. AC Market has the one that is removed from Playstore.


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