The Brevent app is an application designed to tackle issues related to battery management in smartphones. The app was created back in the year 2017 by Jianyu Studios and is updated on a regular basis to provide users with the best experience. With the help of this app, Android users will have more control over how much power they use and how long their devices will last. The application is equipped with a number of features and functions that improve battery and save power efficiently in your devices. It functions by preventing apps from opening when the screen is off, which lessens battery use and enhances performance. Users must have rooted Android smartphones in order to use this software because it needs root access.

Features offered by the app

Brevent is a great software for controlling battery drain on Android smartphones thanks to a number of features and helpful functions. With the help of the energy management app Brevent, Android users can better control their battery usage by prohibiting background program activity. This function enhances the functionality of the Android device and lessens battery consumption to extend service life. Brevent also features a Smart Standby feature that automatically switches apps to standby mode when they are not in use, which further helps preserve battery life.

Another noteworthy feature of this unique application is the App Refresh function. This function periodically updates apps to make sure they are functioning properly in order to manage battery and power of your device. For apps such as weather or news apps that demand frequent updates, this feature is very helpful. The notification feature is also a very useful and convenient option for users to be regularly updated on their power or battery consumption. For example, if an application is disabled or put into standby mode, Brevent sends notifications which lets users to keep track of their battery usage and see which apps are using the most battery life.

How to Use the Brevent app


Users will need to have rooted Android devices in order to utilize Brevent. The Brevent app can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store directly once the smartphone has been rooted. Users can modify the app’s settings after downloading and installing it to meet their own requirements and preferences. Also, they can decide which programs to disable or place in standby mode. In addition, it is simple to use and can be used by anyone easily.

This is a complicated Android app to save battery life. There are many simple battery saver applications like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner and etc. You can try Clean Master apk which is built in battery saver mode with many other Android optimization tools for free. No root required.


By giving them more control over their power usage, the Android app Brevent can help users get more out of their smartphones. Brevent’s special features and advantages enable customers to increase device longevity, boost efficiency, and lessen battery consumption in the long term. Users should be aware, though, that rooting an Android smartphone could destroy its warranty and put it at risk for security breaches. As a result, they should use the Brevent app or any other program that needs root access with caution and care.


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