Hope you are looking for a Android app that make video download more easier. Youtube Mate is perfect for you. But remember there is no app named Youtube Mate. Youtube Mate is another name used to call Tubemate. Literally Tubemate is the app that you should download.

Youtube Mate


Download Youtube Mate

Tubemate app for Android

You may have already use Youtube app for Android. You can watch videos, bookmark them and do many things with that app. But you can’t download videos. So every time when you want to watch a video you should have good internet connection. So I have some better plans. Download and install Tube mate from above download link. Once you install that app you can download videos for free. Same as using Youtube app only difference is that it has many features and app should have.

Search the video or song you want, at the bottom of the screen you can see pink color download button. Once you click on that button popup will appear with many download options. From that menu you can select the quality of the video need to be download. You can download full HD videos or 1080p. It has lowest quality around 144p. If you have low storage capacity you can select low or mid range quality. Because choosing high quality video download will require more space.

If you want only the audio of a video you can select audio format from the popup menu appear. No need to convert video to audio using a PC and import it to Android phone. You can do those stuff using Tubemate app.

All your downloads is at once place. No need to find them when you want to watch any downloaded video. This app can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Google and other many sites for free. Video download is so important because you can watch them offline without internet. You can keep any video you love with you. So if owner removed it, you have a copy of that video. No need to worry.

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